Is it OK not to kiss on the first date?

Kissing on the first date can signal that you’re serious about taking things to the next level. But it can also send the wrong message.

If you’re feeling good and want to kiss your date, but they’re giving you warning bells that it’s too soon, it’s OK not to lean in.

There’s no right or wrong answer to the question of whether or not you should kiss on the first date. It all depends on your personal preferences, the other person’s preferences, and the speed at which you want to move forward in a relationship. Some people are comfortable with kissing on the first date and may even prefer it, while others consider it too early and would rather wait a bit longer.

When you don’t kiss on the first date, it can send a message that you’re not interested in taking things slow and that you are just looking to jump into a physical relationship too quickly. This can be a big turnoff for some people and it’s best to avoid it, if you can.

Another reason you might not kiss on the first date is that it might be too intimate for that type of date. If you’re on a dinner date, you might not feel comfortable with that level of intimacy. Instead, you can try other forms of physical affection to shake things up a bit, such as putting your hand on theirs or holding hands.

Some women worry that if they don’t kiss on the first date, they will be judged as a “hussy.” While this is less of an issue in this day and age, it’s still something to think about, especially if you want to take things slow and get to know someone really well before deciding to become physically intimate with them. Fortunately, if you communicate your desire to take it slowly with your date and they respect that, it should be fine. They might even appreciate that you’re taking things a little more slowly and they’ll likely be happy with the pace of your relationship. They may even tell you that they like the way you roll and be willing to go at your speed, too!

Whether you kiss someone on the first date is up to you, but it isn’t okay for them to try to force you into it. If he or she is forcing you into it, it may mean that they’re not really interested in you and are just trying to use a quick peck on the lips as a way to close the date.

A lot of women worry that if they don’t kiss on the first date, men will think they are easy. While it’s a little less common today, some women still have this fear, especially if they are very interested in their date and would like to continue dating them down the road, possibly having sex with them one day.

Kissing on the first date can be a bit of a pressure cooker and can actually ruin the mood of the whole evening. If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of kissing on the first date, don’t let that stop you from enjoying your time together. Just let them know that you prefer to take things slow and wait for your first kiss before deciding if you want to see them again.

A lot of guys are impossibly shy and will wait forever for a girl to make the first move before they can even lean in for a kiss. This can be frustrating for girls who are very interested in them, but it’s important to remember that it isn’t their fault and they should not be forced into a kiss that they don’t want to give. If he is forcing you into it, just politely say no and ask him to respect your boundaries. If he can’t do that, then perhaps it is best to move on from this relationship. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, after all! And that’s the beauty of not kissing on the first date.