Most confusing things about first dates

There are a lot of unknowns about first dates. You don’t know how your date will act or what they’ll say, or if you will even get along. Finding out whether you’re compatible is really hard. 

It’s hard enough just trying to figure out what Detroit escorts you prefer to hang out with, and it’s even more challenging when there are so many other factors involved in finding out if you will click with your date. 


Deal with these uncertainties by being yourself and not being afraid of being rejected. If someone doesn’t like who you are, it is because it probably is not meant to be. 

Even if you think you’re dating someone, it doesn’t mean they feel the same way. We are not mind readers and don’t know if a person likes us and even harder to figure out whether or not they want to date you again. People are bad at reading signals and sending them, so there are many things that can go wrong during first dates.

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Awkward Silences 

The person you’re dating might not be interested in the same things you are. Perhaps they want an intellectual conversation with someone who likes to read books, but your interest is gaming. Then there will be nothing to really talk about, and that could lead to awkward silences and possibly even bring the date to an early end. 

There are universal truths that may be applied to all first dates. These dates may be awkward, as you don’t know anything about them except their name. 

Have a topic ready before meeting up with someone new. This way you won’t spend too much time wondering about how weird it is that they haven’t asked any questions yet or if they actually enjoy what they ordered at dinner. 

Those kinds of topics will only lead down paths better left unexplored in early conversations between strangers who may one day lovers but right now exist only as two people trying to make it work. 

No Second Date 

Another confusing thing is that you can’t outthink your date who isn’t actually interested in going on another date. If this happens often enough with different people who do not want to continue going out with you, eventually it’ll start affecting your confidence level. 

Sometimes, your date will ask for your number and then never contact you. But don’t let this discourage you, as it’s worth it, as those many first dates are part of the searching for love journey.


Being self-conscious makes us confused because we may come across as too eager, and we definitely don’t want them thinking we’re desperate. Then there’s also that nagging voice telling us they might not like us or worse yet, they could be totally uninterested. 

Do Not Expect 

First dates are confusing as we do not know what to expect, though we have our expectations. The other person could be bored or just not into you at all. 

In Conclusion

First dates are not as simple as they seem. But as long as you’re open-minded and prepared for anything, chances are good that even if your first date doesn’t turn out well, there will be better ones in the near future.